Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Miscellanea (or All This and Vigilante, Too!)

ITEM! Ol' Groove has been digging some fab-a-mundo new blogs (you'll find 'em listed--with tons of other groovy, far-out, and essential blogs in my Groovy Blogs section), and I just have to share 'em with ya!

My pal, Joe Bloke has started a new blog devoted to the magnificence of Gil Kane, called (appropriately) His Name Is...the Gil Kane Blogspot. He's already posted such far-out stuff as Iron Fist, Warlock, Tarzan, Spider-Man, and more. This is a must read if you love groovy art!

Our man Jon has added to his burgeoning "Random Acts of Geekery Family of Blogs" a spiffy new Spider-Man site he calls Wallopin' Web-Snappers, It's Spider-Man Stuff! (Okay, he really just calls it "Spider-Man Stuff" but the "wallopin' web-snappers" part was just too ginchy to leave out!)

Conan fans should add CROM! to their must-read list. Ol' Groove loves it, I tell ya. LOVES IT!

The ever-creative BookSteve has created a wonderful Wally Wood blog called Hooray for Wally Wood (man, I do I ever dig these awesome titles!).

ITEM! There's a new indy publisher in town (well, actually they're located in Canada, but you get my drift...) called Red Lion Publications. I'm mentioning it 'cause I really hope you'll support it. Why? Well, it's the brain-child of my pal (and E-Dispatches from the Great White North author) Jazzy Jon "A" Gilbert, who'll be the head writer, editor, and publisher of the whole she-bang. Red Lion also deserves a mention on the old Diversions 'cause another of the righteous writers Jon has lined up for duty is none other than Aquaman/Hawk & Dove/PLOP!/and so much more author supreme Steve Skeates! And finally, the mention is purely mercenary, since Ol' Groove, himself, (in his secret identity, natch) is not only writing comics for Red Lion, but running the blog and website, as well. Things are just starting up, so stay tuned, y'hear?

ITEM! You didn't think Ol' Groove would leave ya high and dry without some "new" old comics, didja? I couldn't do that to ya, Groove-ophile! Here, by request (this is for you Allen! Keep it up with your awesome Gorilla Daze blog!) is the very cool and fun Vigilante strip from Adventure Comics #426 (November/December, 1972)! Story by Cary Bates, art by Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano. Enjoy!!


  1. beautiful stuff. see, THAT'S what the Vigilante's supposed to look like, not that crappy thing they knocked up in the 'eighties. & just how cool was Mike Sekowsky?!!!

    and cheers there for the shout out, big man!

  2. groove,

    thanks for the gil kane link,
    and good luck with you new writing gig!

  3. 'Cus nothing says "I'm an alcoholic, suicidal manic depressive" like "Hooray!"

  4. Yer welcome, Mighty Joe!

    Thanks, Andy!

    And what can I say, Mark? I'm a sucker for bad puns!

  5. Thanks! Always a joy to see the Sekowsky/Giordano team.



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