Thursday, February 19, 2009

Al Williamson and Carlos Garzon: "The Haunted House In Space"

Some concepts are just so freakin' far-out that they leave Ol' Groove nigh-unto speechless. Gaze in awe and wonder at such a tale, Groove-ophiles! And while your at it, dig the outtasight art-team of Williamson and Garzon (from Witching Hour #14, January-February, 1971)!

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  1. Gorgeous drawing from Al and Carlos! Only quibble: the lettering font size is a bit too large (though beautiful). I suspect that Al Williamson penciled this on large board at 'golden age' size, 13" x 18" image area (as opposed to 10" x 15" bronze age size), so the letterer had to compensate for how it would read when reduced. Still a masterpiece! Cover art by Neal Adams. Jeff Jones had a short story in that issue, too.


    Chris A.



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