Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday Super Smack-Down: Dr. Doom vs the Red Skull--On the Moon!

Greetings, fight-fans! Today's battle focuses on the ultimate battle between two of the ultimate evils of the Marvel Universe, Dr. Doom and the Red Skull! In Marvel Super-Villain Team-Up #12 (March, 1977), Dr. Doom sets out to the Skull's base on the moon (here you thought this Dracula-on-the-moon set-up in the new Captain Britain comics was an innovative idea--my, my you youngsters are just not with it!) with the aide of the Shroud--you'll be hearing about him in the future--and Captain America--it's complicated, don't ask-- to put the daddy of all tail-whuppins on the Red Skull, who has dared to threaten to destroy Doom's kingdom of Latveria. Got all'a that? Good, 'cause you really don't need a whole lotta explanation to set up a big brawl between the baddest baddies in comicdom, do ya? First, here's the credits: Story by Bill Mantlo, art by Bob Hall and Don Perlin! Here come the combatants...

In this cornah--at 6' 7" and weighing 415 lbs., wearing gray armor and a green hood...Dr. Victor von Doom!

And the challengah--at 6' 1" and weighing 195 lbs., wearing purple armor and a--er--red skull--the Red Skull!

And here's the bell!

Boy, that Skull is sneaky! A rocket-sled for aerial attacks and stun mines underground! How will even Doom overcome such strategy, fans?

Wow! The Skull should've known Doom would have something up his armored sleeve! If losing his rocket-sled isn't bad enough--

OUCH! That's gonna leave a mark!!

Doom has the Skull on the ropes! He should move in for the kill, but--no, he'd rather taunt than fight! Ya better close in before he gets back on his feet, Doomsy...

For a master strategist, Skull just made a baaaaaaaad mistake! You don't burn Doom on his looks--it only makes him mad!!

Oookay! Maybe the Skull's strategy wasn't so far off the mark, fans! He's got Doom hurt and cornered! Here comes the coup de grace...

That Doom has more lives than a cat--and more gadgets than Tony Stark! The battle is back on!! Hand-to-hand, the battle should belong to Doom...

Yep! The Skull has nowhere near Doom's strength, so it's no surprise when the "hand of Doom" strikes...

Don'tcha just love it when our bashful brawlers explain what they're doing as they do it? That one was for the Department of Redundancy Department!

But, anyway... Ya reckon the Skull has some kind of shovel built into that nutty armor of his?

Guess not! And here's your winnah--DR. DOOM--by a (dare I say it?) landslide! (Ouch!)

See ya next time, brawl buffs!


  1. One of my favorite Cockrum covers (great Dr. Doom).Did not get this one off the stand, but in a bagged set at KayBee Toys. Doom by a landslide...good stuff.

  2. That was one of the very first comics I ever had.
    Purchased in one of those "multi-pack" baggies as the local 5-and-dime.

    Those were the days.

  3. After lurking since the beginning of this year I feel it's a good time to comment. I bought that comic when I was a kid, and it's good to know that the badassery has stood the test of time!

  4. As formidable as the Skull is he is out of his league against the likes of Dr. Doom and Magneto who both kicked his ass and left him for dead.
    This further illustrates that Skull is not respected amongst his fellow villains-Doom, Magneto, the Kingpin are good examples.
    Perhaps they will make Norman Osborn also kick the Red Skull's ass as well very soon.

    1. Its due to PIS Red Skull loses. Red Skull kills. Meaning many heroes and villains have died.An alternate reality called What if: House of M: No More Powers. Red skull removes every heroes powers, and made the villains helpless.
      Its called bad writing. Marvel plays favorites.



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