Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The First Spider-Man Movie?

Need more Spidey in your life? Like the debut of Amazing Spider-Man isn't enough? Well, our pals at Vision Comics recently shared this rarity on Facebook--thanx guys! According to Fudgebudger, the Marvelite who posted this mini-flick on Youtube, this Don Glut mini-production of Spider-Man came out in 1969 with Don playing the part of Spidey, himself!

Don, as we've mentioned here before, is a highly talented and prolific writer, having written tons of great comics (like Dr. Spektor, Dagar, the Invaders, and so many more), but we haven't touched much on his career as a prose author, writing award-winning books on dinosaurs and the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back. Nor have we talked about his work in movies and television on projects like Shazam!, Land of the Lost, Transformers, G.I. Joe, and his own work with his own company, Frontline Entertainment. And now we learn that he did a ton of fan films before going pro! What a guy! You can check it all out on Don's own website! Get thee hence, Groove-ophiles!


  1. Fantastic. Love the Dr. Doom knock-off villain, and love the scene of Spidey lifting the car with his webbing - he should have done that more in the comics.

  2. I love the Robot chicken action going on there with the Captain Action doll! Reminds me of a cross between the 70's tv show , Adam 12 and Robot Chicken...this would have worked as a regular show. lol

  3. Don issued a great 2 DVD set of his fan films a few years back along with commentary and a documentary on the making of them. Highly recommended! He was incredibly creative when it came to his backyard productions. No one had told him what couldn't be done so he found endlessly creative ways of doing things. Glenn Strange even plays the Frankenstein Monster in Glut's ADVENTURES OF THE SPIRIT!



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