Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Ol' Groove's Request Line: "Tower of the Serpent-Women!" by Carter, Fox, Mayerick, and Howard

"More Thongor!" cried Groove-dom! "More Thongor you will have!" replied Ol' Groove! "Tower of the Serpent-Women" by Gardner Fox, Val Mayerick, and Wayne Howard (continuing the adaptation of Lin Carter's Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria) was published in Creatures on the Loose #26 (August 1973). It's the first of two issues authored by Golden Age great Gardner Fox (who also was a pro at prose sword and sorcery, natch), but it's also the final issue for penciler Val Mayerick (who replaced him? Stay tuned for future Thongor posts, Groove-ophiles!) Also of interest is the fact that this is a rare Marvel job for Charlton mainstay Wayne Howard. His Wally Wood-inspired inks give Mayerick a very different look, don'tcha think? Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the memories! I remember buying the Thongor series. Val Mayerick was replaced by Vincente Alcazar if memory serves me right.

    Great blog. Keep it going!
    Michael T.

  2. I purchased the entire Thongor/Creatures on the Loose series a few years ago...good stuff! Also found my Gardner Fox Thongor paperbacks when we moved recently...

  3. Finally, here's a series that I knew nothing about. I never knew that a comic-book version of Thongor was published.



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