Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010! Making a Splash: DC Comics 40 Years Ago

Since we slobbered over the magnificence of Marvel Comics' December 1970 offerings, 'tis only fitting that we give equal time to their Dynamic Competition, don'tcha think? T'was a magical line-up for DC, for sure, Groove-ophiles, one Young Groove really dug--if for no other reason than the life-changing twin debuts of Jack Kirby's New Gods and Forever People. Of course, there's more to love than that! Swanderson, Adams, Kane, Morrow, Cardy, Andru, Dillin--like, WOW!

Was that a great time to be a comicbook fiend, or what?


  1. What issue is that "House that Haunted Batman" in? That looks awesome!

  2. That's from Detective Comics #408 (reprinted in Detective #477). And it IS awesome. If you can get your hands on a copy of Comic Book Artist #1 (or the first volume of CBA), read the story behind that story--it's a hoot!



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