Monday, December 6, 2010

Amazed By Aparo: "H Is for Holocaust!" by Levitz and Aparo

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Today we're going for a swim! Yep, it's DC's King of Atlantis from his days as lead-feature of Adventure Comics (ish 442 [August 1975] to be exact). "H Is for Holocaust!" is a dyn-o-mite example of Jim Aparo's handiwork and features a neat script by a young Paul Levitz. Bet you'll agree!


  1. More great stuff GA. I really enjoyed Aparo's Aquaman run in Adventure.

  2. Hey Groovyone!
    Gotta love Jim Aparo's Aquaman! Jim has always been way underrated as a artist in my book. I wish he could drawn Capt.Marvel atleast in a few issues of the Brave & the Bold. Beside's his one cover for comic book reader featuring Capt. Marvel.

  3. Aparo is the man, twin Mikes! Aparo did get to draw Capt. Marvel on several World's Finest covers, but yeah, it would've been sooo cool if he'd gotten to do more.



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