Monday, December 20, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010! Remember When...The Mighty Marvel Checklist Returned?

What it is, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove's come up with another department: "Remember When...?" Yeah, I know this whole blog is about "remembering when", but this is gonna be a little more specific, so bear with me, okay? I wanna kick "Remember When...?" off with something that only a Marvel Maniac and charter FOOMer like Young Groove would go bonkers over--the December 1975 return of the Mighty Marvel Checklist. The MMC had been a huge part of what made Marvel so cool from the 60s through the early 1970s. Sadly, during the summer of 1974, the Checklist disappeared from Marvel's mags, leaving FOOM Magazine's "Department of InFOOMation" as our sole "official" crystal ball into what was coming out when. Marveldom Assembled kept demanding its return, though, and for Christmas '75 the Mighty Marvel Checklist returned--with a vengeance! No more cramming it into the tail-end of the Bullpen Bulletins Page (as had been done toward its end). No more "here's what's coming out for the whole month" jazz. This MMC would be whole and half pages, focusing on one or two weeks worth of Marvel mags--complete with on-sale dates! Sadly, this version of the Checklist didn't last long (it disappeared in less than six months), but it was glorious! Here's a look at the Checklists for December, '75!

(And wouldn't ya just love to get a year's worth of comics at those subscription rates? Yowza!)


  1. LOVED those new, full-page checklists with pics of upcoming covers!

    Before the internet, and being an excited young fan NOT hooked up with FOOM, or other comics industry mags, this stuff meant the world!

    Al Bigley

  2. Hey Groovster
    I agree with Big Al, besides these. We had the Comic Reader here in WI. Which was way before Wizard, it was pretty good. I loved these ads plugging Marvel's new books.

    How about doing the inside front pieces from Marvel's B & W monster mags. For B & W wednesday, those great untold weird tales of supposedly true monster sightings. Also those short text stories with illustrations by Dave Cockrum & Pat Broderick. I believe Cockrum drew Morbius & Broderick Man-Thing. I'd love to write these for you & the Wendigo story from Monster's Unleashed #9.

    Also the Marvel calenders from 1975-81. Keep on Truckin!

  3. Another old-school fan from way back here.

    Yup. Those checklists were so important to having an idea of what was coming up on the horizon. So important to keeping the want-lists up to date.

    Kids today with the internets... they just don't understand.

    Oh, hey... Mike Mikulovsky... if the Marvel CALENDARS are your bag... I did a huge retrospective on those a while back on my blog.

    Here's the link-love:

    The CLASSIC calendars: 1975- 1981

    The MODERN calendars: 1988 to "now"

    And EVERY PAGE of the 1980 DR STRANGE Calendar (because mine is a Dr Strange blog):





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