Saturday, December 18, 2010

12 Days of Christmas 2010! Presents and the Comicbook Ads That Made Me Want 'Em

Ho, ho, ho-wzit goin, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove spends a lot of time yakkin' about the covers, and splashes, and stories, and art in our beloved Groovy Age comics, but I don't seem to spend enough time on the ads. The ads were as much a part of the fun (sometimes more) of the comix experience as any of the rest of the aforementioned items. Heck, I remember buying a few comics just for certain ads! Crazy, huh? Crazy like a fox, baby, 'cause when you handled those ads the right way, you could lay some heavy hints on your parents for Christmas goodies! For example...

How 'bout you, Groove-ophile? Did you find any of these awesome items under your tree?

(Oh, and since we're in the giving-mood, consider this blast from the past a stocking stuffer! Your regularly scheduled "Swash" Buckler Saturday installment will arrive in 12 short hours!)


  1. Awesome! I remember getting the Major Matt Mason and a few of those accessories under the tree. Funny thing is that my mom still had Major Matt and Sgt. Storm and gave them to me a couple of years ago, so now my kids play with them. They're pretty well-traveled, but still lots of fun.

  2. Judging by the condition of my bedroom, I'd say I'm STILL not ready for a Daisy BB gun!

  3. I had every one of those toys except the BB gun. I had a Daisy gun that that racked like a shotgun and it made a shot sound and a puff of smoke when the trigger was pulled. I wish I had every one of them back.

  4. You forgot the Zeroids!

  5. Didn't forget the Zeroids--I just never had 'em! Maybe next year I'll do a post on the toys that got away...

  6. Hey Joplin John!
    You'll put your eye out kid! LOL! What's that you say? You want a football! Ok, hit the slide, your outta Here! No Red Ryder 4 U! Come Back! One Year!NEXT!

  7. I loved Major Matt Mason, especially the crawler & the cool dark blue plastic on the space station windows. Love his alien arch enemy with the groovy neon green colored head or eyes.

    Loved my Hot Wheels too! Also the SSP Racers! Hey you forgoy Captain Action! G.I.Joe, the space capsule, JFK PT boat, anyone else remember that huge Mattel M-60 machine gun? It sat on a tri-pot & could be carrried & shot plastic bullets!

    You forgot the Rock'em Socket Robots. I don't think it was ever advertised in comics. But did anyone else have James Bond's aston martin? It had a ejector seat, rotating liesence plates & machine guns that lit up red & made a machine gun noise. AAaaa the classiic toys of my youth the late 60's through the 70's.

  8. I did Captain Action Christmas before last, Mike. Some of the stuff you mentioned either didn't have a comicbook ad (that I could find), was before the Groovy Age (the James Bond stuff), or I didn't have. I'll definitely use your little list to help me with next year's "Toys That Got Away" post, though!



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