Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Reads: "He Is...the Grim Ghost" by Isabella and Colon

What's shakin', Groove-ophiles! With the recent announcement of Iron Mike Grell as Ardden's new Editor-In-Chief, I'm getting even more excited about that crazed comicbook company's Atlas/Seaboard revival. Of course, when I think of the A/S revival, Ol' Groove has'ta think about how much I truly dug the original incarnation back in the Groovy Age. To celebrate the nearness of the A/S revival (Grim Ghost #0 is only weeks away, baby!), here's a loving look at the original Grim Ghost #3 (April 1975). The incredible art is still by Ernie Colon, but writer/co-creator Michael Fleisher has moved on, replaced by Tony Isabella. Tony keeps the weirdness going pretty well, which reminds me how underrated Mr. Isabella was back in the Groovy Age. Gonna have to do a post on that one'a these fine days... Meanwhile, sit back and prepare to be shocked by the adventures of Matthew Dunsinane--'cause..."He Is...the Grim Ghost!"

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  1. I loved the Atlas/Seaboard comics! My favorites were the Grim Ghost & Tigerman. I loved Ernie Colan's beautiful pencils on the grim one. As well as Ditko on Tigerman. Mike Grell's running the show huh? Very interesting, I hope he can draw some of these titles himself.

    As well as get some of the remaining old school guys to draw a title. Sadly were losing more & more of them every day. I hope he can atleast get Ron Frenz on a book. Great post Groovy One! I just wish the original company had lasted atleast 5-7 years. Who was that masked man? That was the Grim Ghost!



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