Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bring on the Back-ups: "The Final Flower!" by Edelman and Zeck

What it is, Groove-ophiles! When Ol' Groove's yakked about his fave cosmic comics (Jim Starlin's Captain Marvel and Warlock, natch), I'm sure I must have mentioned that my fave Marvel villain is Starlin's homage to Jack Kirby's Darkseid, Thanos! If you're a fan of the Marvel Movie-verse, you probably know by now that ol' Granite-puss is going to be a major player in that newly-emerging (and highly profitable--congrats, Avengers!) celluloid playground (Why didn't Ol' Groove see that coming? Naturally, if the Cosmic Cube--excuse me The Tesseract--is around, can Thanos be far behind?). How bad, evil, and/or not nice is Thanos? This sweet back-up by writer Scott Edelman and artist Mike Zeck answers that question quite nicely. From Logan's Run #6 (March 1977), dig..."The Final Flower!"

Hey, Scott E.! If you're reading this, we gotta know--did this mini-masterpiece lead to your all-too-short (and totally far-out) tenure on Captain Marvel?


  1. Hey Groove, I've always wondered, the Golden Age Destroyer and Drax the Destroyer have very similar costumes. The characters are way different, but do you know if the name and costume similarities have a connection?

    Really enjoy the blog man

    1. The mask and the skull notwithstanding, I'd never compared the two Destroyers in my mind. I'm betting Golden Age fan/editor Roy Thomas had something to do with those costume elements...

  2. This was a surprise bonus for me when I bought the complete Logan's Run in back issues a few years ago. A nice little story by Edelman, with some early Zeck art to boot!

    1. Didn't ya just love little surprises like that back in the day? :D

  3. I asked Mike Zeck to sign this issue for me at a con in the 80s and he said "I didn't draw that!". I showed him the credits and he said, "Okay, I guess I did!". LOL



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