Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Makin' Chaykin: "Though This Means Madness..." by O'Neil, Chaykin, and...Shakespeare

Yeah, Groove-ophiles, so you think the 80s were the decade of excess and pretension? Think again! We had excess and pretension aplenty during the Groovy Age...but doggoned if we didn't have the talent to back it up! I mean, take titanic talents like Denny O'Neil and Howard Chaykin and mix 'em with science fantasy, retro space opera, sword-and-sorcery, and some pushing-the-limits-of-the-Comics-Code-sexiness--then add "...additional dialogue by Wm. Shakespeare"and you get the sensational second Ironwolf tale from the pages of Weird Worlds #9 (October 1973)!


  1. Chaykin is the man! I do believe I love everything he's drawn,whether it is Iron Wolf,Cody Starbuck,Monark Starstalker,Solomon Kane,Dominic Fortune or later American Flagg,the Shadow or BlackHawk.

  2. Hey Groove, any chance we could also see the backup story that goes with WW # 9?

  3. Looking at Iron Wolf,you forget Chaykin was the first Star Wars illustrator at Marvel (Issues# 1-10).Though his artwork was a bit overshadowed by inkers Steve Leialoha + Frank Springer.Tom Palmer was a better fit, but Chaykin always shined when inking his own work!

  4. I'd bet cash money Chaykin didn't ink this without some help.

    This is one of my absolute favorite 70's comics stories, out of a very crowded field. RIP Shebaba O'Neil!



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