Monday, May 14, 2012

R.I.P. Tony DeZuniga

Just a week ago we were talking about how we could help Tony and his family after his devastating stroke. Thursday night we learned that the talented Mr. DeZuniga had left us. Our condolences to the DeZuniga family. I'm sure all the love and best wishes of comics fandom goes to those Tony left behind.

Ol' Groove would like to celebrate Tony's legacy once more. This time we'll take another look at the greatness of his inking. While DeZuniga was best known (at Marvel) for inking John Buscema on Conan and Walt Simonson on Thor, he did one issue of Marvel Team-Up over John Byrne's pencils that just blew us away. In MTU #70 (March 1978), Spider-Man teamed with the mighty Thor in "Whom Gods Destroy!", written by Chris Claremont. The story is cool, pitting Thor and Spidey against X-Men villain the Living Pharoah, and it gives Byrne and DeZuniga the opportunity to cut loose with some of the most mind-bogglingly powerful battle scenes ever!


  1. Vale.
    (Nice choice of scans, btw. Tony's work on X-Men 110 was also a fine example of his work from around this period.)

  2. I am so bummed. He was a good artist and a nice man. I'm lucky to own a few of his Silver Surfer/Doc Strange pages.

  3. Thank you,Mr DeZuniga.Rest i peace.
    A great example of Mr DeZuniga's art is "The Vow of a Samurai" in "Jonah Hex" #39 for sale in May 1980. Great cover and interior art.
    I reread it today (on this blog,post from Sunday June 20,2010).Thank you,Mr Groove.
    /Mr Anonymous

  4. Beside's being a great artist. Tony & Tina are two of the nicest people. Even though I never had the chance to meet them in person. I did talk by phone & e-mail regularly with them both. Tony was nice enough to sign all my Man-God pages for me twice. Then Tina repacked them & mailed them back to me. This is one of my all time favorite issues of MTU! Tony's inks were superb here on Byrne's beautiful artwork. Rest in peace Tony, you'll be greatly missed.

  5. Sorry.I forgot the letter n.Of course:Rest in peace.
    /Mr Anonymous

  6. Tony DeZuniga made allot comics look good.You know your getting old allot of the people in the world with talent,that made your world pass on.



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