Tuesday, May 15, 2012

If You Blinked You Missed: Black Hood in Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Revisited

Okay, Groove-ophiles, at last Ol' Groove has dug up scans of the legendary Black Hood tales from the equally legendary (and elusive) Archie's Super Hero Comics Digest Magazine #2 (Summer 1979)!

Looking at the original stories, I now realize that the reprinted version from Blue Ribbon Comics #8 that I used in this post reads quite a bit differently. The original, which we'll look at today, was written and edited by Gray Morrow, while the reprinted one was edited by Robin Snyder, while writing credit still went to Morrow. Did Snyder ask Morrow to rewrite the origin? Or did he add some exposition himself in his editor's capacity? Dunno, but there is a difference. My point is that I was wrong-o when I said, "They're slightly re-edited/formatted, but nothing that should impede your enjoyment." Anywho, we're gonna kick off today's big honkin' post with the original, solo Morrow effort, and keep on truckin' until we've shared all four Red Hood stories from ASHCDM #2!

Next up, we have "The Black Hood Hits a Sour Note..." by Marvin Channing and Al McWilliams...

Followed by "Life's Not Like a Comic Book!" plotted by Morrow with story and art by Neal Adams and Dick Giordano...

...and we close the day out with "It's Murder to Beat the Odds!" by Channing and McWilliams...

Howzat for some far-out comics, baby?


  1. I had that book as a kid. I almost forgot about it. All the stories were pretty good but the art on the BH ones were great. Thanks for the memories. I remember really liking that book a lot.

  2. Groove:

    I actually had that Blue Ribbon issue which reprinted the above. Shoot, back in '85, I thought that was all new, which shows you what I knew about the Hood back then.

    I had acquired most of the Red Circle revivals then, and later traded them away. Didn't bother with DC's last attempt at a revival from 2 years ago, but maybe I'll hunt them up down the line.......!

    Did Neal Adams do anything else of note for Archie?

    1. Actually, Adams did some work for Archie before he started at DC. Follow this link...

  3. Oh man! I have such distinct memories of reading this at the pool of a campground in Gatlinburg, TN. So mesmerized by it that I couldn't get in until I finished reading it! I'll have to go dig out my waterlogged copy now!

  4. I loved the short revival bck in the late 8o's of the RED CIRCLE , ARCHIE heroes....the stories were top notch and the art was everything you'd expect from a comic book , dynamic and exciting. From time to time I keep finding comics I didn't even know saw print in 50 cent bins. Those are priceless to me and I snatch them up. Like this digest...I'm going to need to search it out...ebbay here I come

  5. Got that for $1 in a bargain bin. Is it hard to find?



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