Friday, May 18, 2012

The Grooviest Covers of All Time: Joe Staton at Charlton

Plant your peepers on this pile of pencil and pen pulchritude, Groove-ophiles! Joe Staton made Young Groove plunk down more quarters for Charlton than any other artist, and here are a few reasons why...

(And yeah, my MOM bought the copy of For Lovers Only, not Young Groove. Sheesh!)


  1. Love Staton's Charlton covers, especially the painted ones. That Scary Tales cover is a classic. However, you could have just as easily posted all ten of the original E-man covers - they are all brilliant.

    1. I'd thought about just doing E-Man covers, Edo!

  2. Staton's a king.

  3. Mr. Staton is turning out a GREAT Dick Tracy comic strip. I've never seen any of his work that I didn't like.

  4. I always just think of Joe Staton as the guy who did the Plastic Man stories I read when I was a little kid.



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