Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Diggin' Ditko: "The Dimensions of Greed"

Quick post today, Groove-ophiles! Here's a Steve Ditko-illustrated sci-fi shocker from DC Comics' Time Warp #3 (November/December 1979), written by the awesome J.M. DeMatteis.


  1. Ditko is amazing. Incredibly unique and always compelling, his art is something I've always loved — but I gained newfound appreciation for his work when I read Marvel's Dr. Strange Masterworks during the past year. Work like this at DC would often cause me to break my Marvel habit and pick up comics by DC or Charlton. "Shade, The Changing Man" was another good Ditko DC title.....

  2. Shade was one of my favorites -- a Ditko objectivist type hero, but still well-lettered . . .

    Seriously, I really enjoyed SHade and Ditko's other work for DC in teh late 1970s. Here's hoping for some sort of collection that finally gives us his Fianl Shade story and the Creeper book lengther that never got published because of the DC implosion.

  3. Plenty more Ditko on the way, fellas! Posts on Shade and the Creeper are in the offing, and there's gonna be a whole lotta Ditko goin' on this weekend! Why? Stay tuned!



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