Saturday, March 28, 2009

Those Groovy Saturday Mornings: The Adventures of Gulliver

Any of you Groove-ophiles remember spending part of your Saturday mornings watching the adventures of Gary Gulliver and his dog Tagg on ABC between September 14, 1968 and September 5, 1970? How 'bout in re-runs as part of the Banana Splits and Friends? If you do, you're gonna dig this trip down memory lane. If you don't, well, you still might dig this cartoon-to-comicbook adaptation from Gold Key's Hi-Adventure Heroes #1 (February 1969).


  1. The king's daughter was named "Flirtacia"? Oy! I always suspected the creators were working out some weird psychosexual issues in the Banana Splits -- what with the Sour Grapes Bunch and all -- and this just confirms it.

  2. If Flirtacia was the kings daughter, that means she's a princess so why does she call him "Your majesty" and "The king" instead of daddy or father? And she doesn't live in the palace! She lives in an ordinary house!

  3. But after watching all episodes of this TV serie I don't remember someone refers to Flirtacia (or herself) as being King Pomp's daughter. But any way she's very beuatiful and sweet. I'd like to know they resume this cartoon keeping the same characters.

  4. I don't remember in all TV episodes seeing anybody referring to Flirtacia as being the King Pomp's daughter (or even herself saying it). But anyway she's very sweet and beuatiful. They should resume this cartoon keeping the same characters - it would be great !

  5. I love this cartoon. I it was my favorite show when I was seven. My favorite episode now is "Exit Leech". As a child, favorite episode was "Dark Sleep".

    I think the voice actors are so good. Don Messick is so good as Tagg, and did you know John Stephenson (who voices King Pomp and Captain Leech) was the voice of Mr. Slate on "The Flintstones". Alan Melvin (who voices Bunko) also played Sam the butcher on "The Brady Bunch"

    The Flirtacia charactor is cute, but what a weird name!!!!

    What century does this show take place in anyway?

  6. Wow. The comoc book is almost as annoying as the original cartoon show was. (O_O)



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