Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday, Stan!

Today is Stan "The Man" Lee's birthday, Groove-ophiles, and Ol' Groove is sure you'll all join me in wishing him a very happy 88th. We all know that Stan is one of the greatest creators, writers, editors, and all-around cool pop icons of all time. We've all grooved to his cosmic sagas in mags like Fantastic Four and Thor. We've been awed by his wall-to-wall action tales for heroes like Daredevil and Captain America. We've even shed a tear or twelve with Spider-Man or the Silver Surfer. But one area of Stan's skills is often given the short-end, and that's his humor. I love his corny, self-deprecating style, m'self. Of course, it always helps that Stan manages to team up with just the right co-creator/artist on his endeavors (Jack "King" Kirby on FF, Thor, and Cap; Gene Colan on DD; Steve Ditko and John Romita on Spidey; John Buscema on Silver Surfer, for those of you from Outer Slobbovia). When Stan came up with his earth-shattering single-panel gag strip, "My Son the Super-Hero" he teamed with humor artist supreme Marie Severin. What? You never heard of "My Son the Super-Hero"? Huh. Mebbe it's 'cause Stan and Marie never sold the strip to any newspaper syndicates. A shame, too, 'cause it was a hoot. I know this 'cause Marvel dug it up and presented a few sample strips in FOOM Magazine. Ya wanna see 'em?

Okay, it's not Krazy Kat, or Pogo, or even Frank and Ernest, but hey, it's Stan and Marie and super-heroes, baby! C'mon, you know you giggled...

Ah, well, I tried Stan! Happy Birthday, anyway--we love ya! You'll always be The Man!! (Mebbe I should'a run some Millie the Model...?)


  1. Happy Birthday Stan! I knew it! Your really a Eternal aren't you! Thanks for all the decades of great yarns & fantastic, amazing,incrediible characters. I always loved your humor in Ben Grimm's aka The Thing & Spidey's dialogue. Excelsior!

  2. Well, you TRIED, Groove! Seriously, I too love Stan's humorour writing, but the best seemed to be done in the 1950s and 1960s. By the groovy age he didn't seem to have much humor left!

  3. Stan is most definitely the Man. Happy Birthday to him.



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