Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Black and White Wednesday: George Kashdan and John Severin's "Who Toys With Terror"

In December, 1974, Atlas/Seaboard released the second issue of their Creepy/Eerie rip-off, Weird Tales of the Macabre. Rip-off it might've been, but it was a very well crafted mag. With guys like John Severin, Pat Boyette, Leo Summers, George Kashdan, Gabe Levy, and cover artist Boris Vallejo writing and drawing, you know there's quality stuff in there. Ol' Groove's favorite story from ish #2 is also appropriate for the Holiday Season as it shows you don't mess with a kid and his toys... Here's "Who Toys With Terror" by George Kashdan (writer) and John Severin (artist)!

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