Monday, December 29, 2008

Making A Splash: DC Comics December, 1979

2008 has nearly come and gone. It's time to look back and reflect. That applies to the Diversions, too! Between now and New Year's Day, Ol' Groove is gonna be looking at various endings that occurred during the Groovy Age. Today, whadd'ya say we take a look at the final crop of 1970s DC comics?

Before I go, I have to wish Smilin' Stan Lee a happy day-late birthday! You might be 86, Stan, but you'll never be 86'd! You are still, and will always be, The Man! Here are a couple super-groovy Stan portraits from FOOM Magazine to help celebrate.


  1. Those 1979 comics bring joy to my heart GA. I bought every single one of those off the racks.

  2. Even as a kid you had good taste, Mike!



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