Friday, April 1, 2011

Famous First Fridays: Plop! #1

What it is, Groove-ophiles! For an April Fool's Day Famous First Friday, Ol' Groove can't think of anything better than sharing the preposterously peculiar premiere publication of Plop! from June, 1973. Can you? Now I've shared the hilarious and horrendous history of this macabre mag of mirth before (you can read all about it here), but I've never laid that first ish 'pon ya! Well, here it is, baby! Feast your eyes, grab your gut, and get ready to guffaw--and/or glorf, depending on your particular sensibilities. Like it or not, don't blame me! It's all Carmine Infantino, Joe Orlando, Basil Wolverton, Sergio Aragones, Slim, Frank Robbins, George Evans, Sheldon Mayer, Alfredo Alcala, Steve Skeates, and Bernie Wrightson's fault!


  1. Wow! Loved PLOP black in the '70s, and Berni Wrightson drew stories for #1 and #5. The whole mag seemed to be an intentional throwback to the MAD comics days when Harvey Kurtzman edited it. I also owned MAD #10 with a cover and some interior pages by Basil Wolverton, which only confirms the aforementioned. And Sergio Aragones was very much busy at MAD magazine at the same time. A great start to the title, but it didn't last for too many years.

  2. Since checking out so many of the comics oriented blogs I've really, REALLY become a big fan of Basil Wolverton. I love his sci-fi/adventure work. It's beautiful and one of a kind. I even dig his early humor stuff. But once you get into the Wolvertunes and some of his later(?) work, I kinda back off. It's not that I don't appreciate it; I do, it's brilliant. But it SERIOUSLY gives me the willies!!! (Hopefully I won't have to turn in my Groovie badge!) I wish someone would collect that sci-fi/adventure stuff in Archive form!

  3. PLOP! is one of the few comics I'd actually LIKE to see become a TV series--as long as they kept Cain, Abel, and Eve's hapless misadventures. But then, we wouldn't get the same quality art we see here. (Favorite bit: Wrightson's image of Cain's disembodied head held aloft by a hand sticking up out of the soil.)

  4. Hey! Somebody wrote on one of the pages. Doesn't this Bernie What-his-name (it's hard to read!) know better than to mark in people's comic books? And right in the story drawn by Bernie Wrightson, too.


  5. I still remember buying this book at the convenience store. It was my first encounter with sales tax! I thought I was being tricked! "whattaya MEEEAN it's 21 cents? It says 20 right there on the cover!" LOL It was also the first comic I'd ever seen with no ads in it...

  6. "The Gourmet" by Bernie Wrightson was also reprinted in "The Masterworks Series Of Great Comicbook Artists" by DC in Number 3: Bernie Wrightson/ The Macabre (1983) along with other stories from "Plop" & "House Of Mystery"; as is often the case with later reprints, they were re-colored (more vivid, but I think I prefer the originals)



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