Monday, April 4, 2011

The Boys from Derby: "Night of the Wolf" by Gill and Sattler

What it is, Groove-ophiles! It's been quite some time since we looked back at Charlton's nicely done rip-off of TV's Kung Fu, Yang. I think if Charlton had gotten the rights to that hit show (as they had with The Six Million Dollar Man, Emergency, and other TV properties) it probably wouldn't have been nearly as good as Yang, baby! High adventure, Oriental philosophy, and horse opera collide in issue #8's (March 1975) "Night of the Wolf" by Joe Gill and Warren Sattler.

Ol' Groove has to be honest, Groove-ophiles--the more time I spend with Sattler's art, the more I dig it. It's funky and unique, but also very authentic and intricate. Whadda you think?


  1. I love the cover, does the wolf woman have a name (costumed name, I mean)?


  2. I was never too excited by Warren Sattler's art, but it seemed to serve the story well enough. If you know about Yang, then you probably also know about House of Yang, with Sanho Kim on art. Sanho Kim had a certain roughness to him, but he could do beautiful landscapes and buildings.
    Interestingly, Sanho Kim was supposed to do a Yang-type feature called Wrong Country, but it was lost or delayed in the mail, so Charlton had Gill and Sattler rush out Yang instead. When Kim finally got to America (he was from South Korea), they let him do House of Yang instead. The first story for Wrong Country was published in Charlton Bullseye #3 (the magazine, not the later color comic).

  3. Sanho Kim Sucked. Sattler is way better at great comic art. Clear influences from Kubert, Caniff... I remember looking at Kim's work and thinking how terrible it was -- stiff, bad layout, not cinematic.... How do I know... Warren Sattler is my Father and I remember him drawing all of those comics...



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