Friday, April 15, 2011

Making a Splash: Paul Gulacy's Master of Kung Fu, Round One

Hey, hey, hey, Groove-ophiles! Ol' Groove's working hard on the big 1000th Post (Wow! Where does the time go?), so how 'bout a simple little selection of some of the most sensational splash pages to ever sear your skull? I thought you'd dig that, so I scooped a handful of Peerless Paul Gulacy's powerhouse pages from his classic Master of Kung Fu run. You could tell Paul and author Doug Moench were putting their all into these mags just from the amount of sheer brilliance that eminates from these stunning splashes.

This first batch is from MOKF #'s 18-20, 22, and 25. I'll have the rest later (spread out over another post or three), but meantime, prepare yourself for the wondrous 1000th Post from Groove City! It's coming you way on MONDAY, baby! Don't ya dare miss it!


  1. The Gulacy MOKF's are one of my favorite series of comics ever.
    Good stuff, great blog!
    Thanks for all the groovy posts!

  2. Yeah, this is a nice Friday post. I'm familiar with Gulacy's style, but I'm in new territory with most of the Master of Kung Fu series. Thanks for sharing these splashes. Whattatreat!

  3. I loved the Gulacy issues but Zeck and Day were the masters for me.

  4. Happy 1000th post groovy one!
    WOW! Awseome splashes, I was addicted to anything by Marvel. I'm amazed I could scrape up all that $$$ to buy everything! The monsters, superheroes & martial art titles!

    These really bring back ALOT of great memories for me. I loved Paul Gulacy's beautiful artwork on DHoKF! I just wish he had done a Morbius series as well. Loved his Spectacular Spider-Man covers. With the White Tiger & Morbius. Also that issue of Fear he did with Morbius. Thanks for making my friday groovster!



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