Thursday, January 1, 2009

Groovy New Year's Party 2009 with Brother Power the Geek, Night Nurse, Prez, and Brother Voodoo

Happy New Year, Groove-ophiles! Hope 2009 is your best year ever! Ol' Groove is throwing a party, and we're glad you came! C'mon in and let's paaaaaaartyyyyyyyyyy!

Check out the song I wrote just for the occasion (with apologies to the late, great Rick Nelson):

Well I went to a New Year's party
To hang out with some friends
A chance to share old comicbooks
And smell newsprint again.

Over on the sofa
much to my surprise
Brother Geek sat and didn't blink
While he sowed back on his eyes.

And we're all geeks now
Forgotten, washed up, but wow
We're on the Groovy Blog!
Dig us gettin' down!

I said "Hello" to Night Nurse
She was lookin' fine.
The only gal in the room
But she didn't mind.

But the dudes who made the party
Were doin' their own thing
Prez and Voodoo drinkin' YooHoo
List'ning to me sing.

And we're all geeks now
Forgotten, washed up but wow
We're on the Groovy Blog!
Dig us gettin' down!

Lat'n da da da
Lat'n da da da

(Okay, I didn't say it was a good song...)

Well, don't be a wallflower, man! Here's Brother Power, the Geek #1 (July, 1968) by Joe (co-creator of Captain America and much more) Simon!

Wasn't that the most? Now, let's dig on Night Nurse #1 (August, 1972) by Jean (Roy's Ex) Thomas and Win Mortimer!

Prez sez he's waited long enough! Here's Prez #1 (May, 1973) by Joe Simon (again!) and Jerry Grandenetti!

And now, the baddest dude that ever voodoo-ed is gonna close the party with his origin story from Strange Tales #169 (July, 1973) courtesy Len Wein and Gene Colan!


  1. This is some swingin' party, Groovester. I'm all watusi-ed out, got any more of that special Kool-Aid? Happy New Year!
    Seriously, thanks for the Brother Power story. Gene Colan rocks!

  2. bless you. prez is nothing but cool. i find myself referring to it several times a year. it was a good time to be young when a kid could take the white house and another kid (kamandi) could survive the world's end.

  3. Wow, I thought Prez's first appearance was in that 1993 Neil Gaiman SANDMAN issue. I had no idea the character had a comic twenty years before that in 1973.

  4. The Koo-Aid is no problem, cerebus660--just mix the lime with the grape...!

    Glad you dug the party, dudes! I had a blast, too!

  5. i always wanted to read the actual issues of Prez and Brother Power. amazing stuff.



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