Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Super Smack-Down: the Batman vs. Wildcat

Welcome back, fight-fans! We didn't want you to think that only Marvel super-heroes slug it out with each other, so today we're bringing you a dynamic DC duke-fest! Unlike the Marvel heroes, who would just fight each other on sight, the DC heroes were usually pals, so they actually had to have a good reason to bash on each other's brain-boxes. Take this classic battle between the Batman and Wildcat, for example...

In Brave and the Bold #118 (January, 1975) by the B&B team supreme of Bob Haney and Jim Aparo, the Joker has infected the entire population of Sparta Prison with a deadly disease. The only cure rests in a little dog used for lab tests...a dog which the Clown Prince of Crime has captured and is holding hostage. In order to try to rescue the dog, the Batman and Wildcat must submit to the Joker's twisted whim for them to...fight to the death!

We'll send you now to your ring announcer...the Joker!

Didja plant your peepers on those gloves, fans? Ouch! Those are gonna leave a mark! And here's the bell!

Whoa, momma! Double K.O.! Of course, at about this time, the little dog, Spot, bites the Joker and escapes. The Batman rounds up Spot and the Joker, Wildcat makes short work of the Joker's thugs, the doctors use Spot to find a cure, and we all live to fight another day! See you next time, fans!


  1. Awesome! Somehow I missed this treasure. Now adding new book to my search list...


  2. Ok. without a doubt, my very VERY favourite issue of the Brave & the Bold, bar none. lemme see now. . .

    my two favourite Heroes, Batman & Wildcat? check. my favourite villain, the Joker? check. Jim Aparo? check.

    Hell, the only way this comic could have possibly been any more perfect than it already was would fave been if they'd somehow managed to work Black Canary into the mix, too. . .

  3. You gotta love those goofy Bob Haney stories!

  4. i remember wearing this comic out when i bought it. this is one of aparos best issues in a thoroughly amazing run.

  5. Why no other posts on DC Comics #1 Super Villain ??? Please give us more Joker...
    ...Dr. Theda



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