Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Funnies: Spidey-Man vs. Gnatman and Rotten

From May, 1967-February, 1969, Marvel Comics published one of the weirdest comics ever. Called Not Brand Echh, the mag was filled with parodies of the comicbooks of the era. Not only did Marvel spoof their own superheroes, but the heroes of most other comicbook companies as well. It was corny, silly, and lots of fun! Just take the following eight pages of insanity from Not Brand Echh #2 (June, 1967): "Peter Pooper vs Gnatman and Rotten" by Stan Lee and Marie Severin. Please!!


  1. I always suspected that Spidey's mouth on the cover should NOT have been colored red as it make sit look just kind of lumpy. I once colorized it white and it works!

  2. Hi from good ol blighty on a wet amd windy sunday afternoon.I havnt seen this story since 1969 and oh the flashbacks keep coming!!!
    I never got to own many issues of "not brand" because of the poor distribution here in the u.k. at the time,but this one i had untill i sold off my silver age collection in the late lammented 70s to buy my 1st marshall bass stack.I WILL SAVE THE SOB STORY for another time,but for now,Keep on truckin baby!! this site ROOLS!!
    Majikal,Bham U.K.

  3. More, more, more like the Andrea True Connection sang it, Majik Man! Ol' Groove ain't made a dent in the badness of the Groovy Age. You ain't seen nothin' yet!



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