Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making A Splash: Marvel Comics January, 1971

From January, 1971--the year Young Groove became an official Marvel Maniac--here are a baker's dozen scintillating splash pages! Check 'em out! Pay especially close attention to the credits on the Ka-Zar story--I'll be taking an in-depth look at Barry (Windsor) Smith's turn at the scourge of the Savage Land very soon! And dig that Herb Trimpe/Sam Grainger Hulk splash--one of my all-time faves! This was the good stuff, baby!


  1. That Hulk splash is definitely sweet!

  2. Not only is the Hulk splash sweet, it triggered my brain cells into remembering I used to have the Marvel Super-Heroes reprint of that issue as a kid. Must have read it a hundred times. One more thing to put in the shopping cart! Thanks Groove!



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