Monday, January 5, 2009

Making A Splash: DC Comics January, 1974

Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Let's take a longing look back at the DC Comics splash pages that pumped our pulses 35 years ago this month!


  1. I've just discovered how much coolety was going on at DC in the 1970s. I had known about Kirby's exploits there, of course, but disregarded everything else. I've been submerging in all kinds of DC of the 1970s brilliance lately, from HERCULES UNBOUND to the Unknown Soldier stuff of Dave Michelinie to the Cary Bates Superman and Bob Haney/Jim Aparo's crazy BRAVE AND THE BOLD.

    Oh, and I'm really digging the new and improved logo, sir!

  2. If you're learning the awesomeness of 70s DC, Chad, then you're gonna love some of the stuff I have coming up on the old Diversions! You named a few of them in your comment, btw...

    Glad you like the logo! I kinda dig it, myself!

  3. Just noticed that one of splash pages is for one of my all-time favorite comic series/hero 'Manhunter' (Paul Kirk version).

    Have to dig up the series when I get home, and savor it one more time.

  4. I just love joggin' those old memories! Enjoy your trip back down memory lane with Archie and Walt!



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