Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Funnies: George of the Jungle

Rocky and Bullwinkle creators Jay Ward and Bill Scott would go down in cartoon history if they'd never created anything else. But they did create other cartoons, one of the best being George of the Jungle. They only made 17 episodes (which originally ran from September to December, 1967), but those eps have been rerun enough to become part of our culture. If you're over 25 and someone yells, "Watch out for that tree!" you know you think about George!

In 1969, Gold Key produced two issues of George of the Jungle, complete with Super Chicken and Tom Slick back-ups. (Just like in the cartoons!) Here's the lead story, "A Revolting Development", from ish #2 by Paul Fung, Jr. Enjoy, Groove-ophiles--and watch out for that tree!

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