Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sal Buscema!

Today is Sal Buscema's birthday, Groove-ophiles! You all know how much Ol' Groove loves the art of Our Pal Sal, so any excuse (like I need one) to show off his titanic talent is gonna be pounced on. How can you not love a guy who can turn out art like this terrific Tarzan page (from Marvel Comics' Tarzan #27)?
Sal can draw anyone and anything! If Marvel needed Thundra, Tigra, and the Impossible Man to rescue the Invisible Girl (in Fantastic Four #183), Sal could draw it!
Thor laying the smack-down on the Frankenstein Monster (Avengers #132)? Sal's your man!
Ghost Rider
meeting the Three Wise man (Marvel Two-In-One #8)? Sal could bring it home, baby!

Here's wishing the best of b-days to the dude who put the "oo" in "groovy"!


  1. Digging the b-day wishes to Our Pal Sal - one of the grooviest ever!


  2. Fantastic post. The Buscema brothers were titanic talents for sure. Hope Sal has a great birthday!!

  3. I certainly felt Sal was over shadowed by John's prodigious output but was a real talent unto himself and in many ways a better cartoonist than John. Happy B-Day.



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